Equilibrium – Erdentempel

The only other Equilibrium album I’ve listened to is Turis Fratyr, It’s one of my favourite albums, so when Equilibriums latest release, Erdentempel came up in the review list I jumped on it. I’m a fan of their first album, and was intrigued to hear how they’ve changed. In the 9 years since the release of Turis Fratyr, their music has become more bold, the folk and symphonic element have become more pronounced.


With the freedom to experiment and take their music different places that a strong fanbase gives, they’ve definitely grown as songwriters. Free from the worry that a particular melody sounds too happy or up beat. They can do with their music what the folk elements are meant to do, take listeners away from the worries and stress of their own lives and take them somewhere different, with a story and melody, or just a catchy riff.


With the majority of this album in German, I only understand the words that share a root with their English equivalents, but with vocals sung in a similar style to a lot of other symphonic black, it doesn’t matter. I listen to the vocals as if they’re another instrument with everything I listen to. If the best lyrics ever are sung poorly or in a way that doesn’t suit the music, they’ll still suck. Shitty lyrics sung to perfection, won’t matter. Don’t expect me to translate anything in this review. for the simple reason that it doesn’t matter.


At the moment I’m listening to this album for the first time. Heavy Chill, the 7th track on the album just came on, If you’ve ever wanted to hear what it sounds like when German play English synth Reggae, but make it metal as fuck, You have to listen to this song. it’s catchy as hell.


This is that freedom, in a scene when there are a lot of elitist douchebags, bold writing choices like those made by Equilibrium and other bands that bring more than small elements of folk, they bring entire verses and chorus’ without attempting to darken the tone and make it more brutal than it needs to be, they’re impressive.


Uns’rer Flöten Klang is a song that most metal bands, if they wrote would never have the balls to release. it’s simply too happy. They touched on a similar sound on Turis Fratyr with Met, another song perfectly suited to a long table full of beer soaked beards.


One thing this album is missing is a song like Widars Hallen. They’ve substituted their epic sound for bombast and boldness. There is a  lot about this album to like. the musicality, the writing, the sound, it’s fun to listen to, and as i’ve found over the course of writing this review, fun to drink to. Wirtsaus Gaudi is the same. They have a video for this song, I’ll make sure Squid embeds it below, Try to not enjoy it.


Erdentempel will be getting a regular spin. Perhaps not as much as their first album, but this is far too much fun to not listen to again.

Equilibrium – Erdentempel – 7.5/10

Originally Printed in Trendkill Magazine

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