Where Silence Hides – Episode 03

Where Silence Hides – Episode 03


Smash regales us all with a story of a night in The Bendigo hotel, full of beer, metal, metalheads, and beer.





Stratovarius – Will My Soul Ever Rest in Peace – Intermission

Taberah – Crypt – Welcome to the Crypt

Damnations Day – Lucid Dreaming – Invisible, The Dead

Damnations Day – A World Has Come – Invisible, The Dead

Requiem – Evocation Ritual – Damnation

Hidden Intent – Addicted to Thrash (Single)

Hidden Intent – Eternal Rest – Addicted to Thrash Single

Damnations Day – Reaper – Invisible, The Dead

Electrik Dynamite – It’s No Dream (single)

Battlecross – Flesh & Bone – War of Will

Thanks to all the bands involved in this episode of Where Silence Hides, And to Anwar from Metal Obsession for providing background info for the bands. Metal Evilution and Espionage Bookings deserve a bit of credit for putting on the gig. It was Good to See Dennis leave his well worn seat in the beer garden and step inside The Bendigo for a set.
If you have something you want reviewed, Email me at ben.smash@wheresilencehides.com.au, or get me on Facebook or on Twitter @SilentPodcast.


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