Where Silence Hides – Episode 4

Where Silence Hides – Episode 4

In this episode, Smash sits down with Chris Themelco to have a chat about Orpheus Omega, Eye of the enemy, and Monolith Studios.






Be’lakor – Roots to Sever – Intermission

Envenomed – Slave No More – Reckoning

Hybrid Nightmares – Soil Made Flesh – The Fourth Age

Black Majesty – Silent Company – Silent Company

Orpheus Omega – Karma Favours the Weak – Partum Vita Mortem

Eye of the Enemy – The Shift – The Vengeance Paradox

Orpheus Omega – Kharon – Partum Vita Mortem

Interview With Chris Themelco begins at 26:40



Thanks to all the bands involved in this episode of Where Silence Hides, And to Chris Themelco for giving his time freely to sit down and bullshit for a while.
If you have something you want reviewed, Email me at ben.smash@wheresilencehides.com.au, or get me on Facebook or on Twitter @SilentPodcast.


Belakor7  Heavy Cherry6  Heavy Cherry2


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