Grumpy’s Revenge

Skipping out on a tab is wrong. Going public before privately contacting the band is also wrong. Promoters not paying bands is wrong. Venues not paying bands is wrong.
The Relationship between bands and venues has been backwards since I became a part of this scene. This isn’t venues kindly providing a space for bands to play. It’s venues, who’s only method of attracting customers is through the bands they book. As much as I love The Bendigo, I don’t go there unless there are bands on.
If Venues have in in house booker, the venue responsible for paying the bands. If they use promoters, both they and the bands are responsible for ensuring the promoters pay the bands. Venues can not wash their hands of it claiming ignorance as Grumpy’s Green have done today. Posting on their Facebook Page; “The arrangement that bands have with the promoter of their event is not our business and in this case we had been unfairly associated and left out of pocket.”

Yes, When a promoter is running an event in your venue. It is your business. When a promoter has put on 30 shows this year at your venue, association with the promoter is more than fair.

Bands, find out before the gig exactly how much you’re getting paid. If it’s a door deal, find out what promotion has been done for the promoters previous gigs, find out how much promotion they are going to do for yours. Their job is to get people through the door. You job is to entertain them. If the gig is pay to play, your job is to tell that promoter exactly how far off they can fuck. If you find out after the gig that you won’t be getting paid. You only have yourselves to blame.

In response to Grumpy’s Green saying “This incident has motivated us to review our relationship with the promoter”, Gunn Music Production has just now posted “We are looking forward to our shows coming up in Aug and Sept at this venue.”

I can only hope they have now decided to actually pay the bands.

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